Art Deco Door & Window Casing


4-1/2″H x 3/4″P
length: 7’10.5″

  • High-density polyurethane baseboard of exceptional quality produced using cutting-edge technology
  • Baseboards have water-based white paint applied as a pre-primer.
  • The surface of this baseboard modern crown molding is robust.
  • Using standard woodworking equipment, it is simple to install and lightweight and robust.
  • Metal dies provide consistent quality and perfect part-to-part alignment for easy installation.
  • The design of this baseboard is acute, deep, and well-defined.
  • Any high-quality paints can be used to finish the baseboard.


Everything trendy, forward-thinking, contemporary, and cultured was encapsulated by art deco. A robust economy, industrial advancement, social transformation, and romantic ideas led to Art Deco. The American cities that saw rapid expansion in the 1920s and 1930s are where the Art Deco movement’s ethos is most visibly on display. As a result, many cultural conclusions about this time in American history may be made by looking at the architecture of those cities.

The idea that New York City is the hub of American culture is widely held within and outside the country. Towering skyscrapers and opulent hotels were built in New York City during tremendous prosperity in the 1920s and 1930s. As a result, New York was the epicentre of all things glitzy and avant-garde, making it the stuff of fantasies and the perfect travel destination.

A study of the Art Deco era’s appreciation for traditional styles may be seen in New York baseboard minimalist crown molding. The sleek, horizontal lines of New York’s baseboard profile define the room’s outlines without drawing attention to itself. With its streamlined patterns and zigzag detail, this baseboard blends well with any décor and is an excellent option for any area in your house. In addition, the distinctive baseboard’s design does not require extra shoe crown molding for living room installation once the New York baseboard is installed.

Formaldehyde and other harmful chemicals, like those used in MDF modern flat crown molding, are not included in our selections of polyurethane crown molding in modern house. They are also highly fashionable and won’t warp, rot, shrink or swell like wood modern crown molding 2021.