Carved Wood Molding Collection


This minimalist crown molding set consists of a frieze, chair rail, small and big crowns, and pierced molding that are all coordinated.

Hard maple, white oak, and cherry hardwood are all offered for this wood molding.

Orders must be at least three pieces.



Hard maple, oak, and cherry are the available colours for the hand-carved crown molding profile made from premium kiln-dried American hardwood. Modern crown molding has been hand-carved with an ornate motif in high relief. Unfinished wood molding is sold and is easily stained, painted, or glazed.

The wood molding installation crown molding in modern homes should care the same way you would for any other wood molding: in a dry, clean atmosphere free from excess moisture. Allow wooden crown molding modern style to acclimatize for 5-7 days. It is advised to glue all mitered corners and pre-drill as necessary when adding wood moldings to provide optimal strength.