Ceiling Molding for Indirect Lighting


6″H x 4-1/2″P x 7-5/8″F
length: 7’10.5″

Minimalist crown molding for Indirect Lighting generally produce more of a “beam” look when placed close to the ceiling. In addition, the modern crown molding will have more of a “glow” appearance the further down the wall it is installed. In general, lowering the crown molding in modern homes to its correct height from the ceiling; will provide a balanced appearance.



High-density polyurethane modern flat crown molding of exceptional quality, specially created for installation with indirect illumination
Rope or LED lighting can be easily fixed from inside the molding or on the wall behind the molding. The front surface of crown molding modern style is reinforced with synthetic foil, providing an extra durable and smooth surface. The modern ceiling crown molding is milled on the reverse side for solid adhesive bonding. The material is environmentally friendly, hypoallergenic, and fully recyclable. It contains no CFC, PVC, or formaldehyde.

High-density polyurethane is incredibly lightweight and simple to install (and comes primed and ready to paint). It is a green substance because it doesn’t include CFCs or formaldehyde. Moreover, it resists moisture, so it won’t mould, shrink, or flex. Another fantastic thing about polyurethane is that it can be treated like wood and is entirely customizable (you can see it nail it screw it, and sand it). Our polyurethane material is also prepped and prepared for painting.