Ceiling Square Dome


  • 47-1/8′′ outer diameter
  • inner diameter: 39-1/4 inches
  • external depth: 9-1/8′′
  • inside depth: 9-3/8′′


Modern ceiling crown molding dome adds a classic touch and rich texture to homes. Several of our urethane ceiling domes have traditional ornamental accents, such as floral designs and clean crown molding modern style. We have living room modern crown molding a urethane ceiling dome for you, whether you want something understated or elaborate. Each mid century modern crown molding ceiling dome is pre-primed in the factory and ready for your paint or faux finish. High-density urethane foam, which each crown is made of, is lightweight and excellent for durability, making installation a breeze. Add beauty to your space with a stunning ceiling dome focal point.

Ceiling modern flat crown molding domes let in more light, are lightweight and easy to install, and are based on authentic historical patterns and designs.

  • Factory primed and ready for paint or faux finish
  • Solid urethane for optimal durability and detail
  • Can be utilized on the inside or outside